August 17, 2022
traditional sports in Australia

What Are The Traditional Australian Sports?

Australia has a long and illustrious history in international sport, and frequently outperforms expectations given its relatively small population.

Sport has moulded Australia’s national identity through events such as the Australia vs. USA basketball contest in 2019, which drew over 100,000 spectators over the course of two games, the Melbourne Cup, and the America’s Cup. Australia also holds the record for the highest audience at a Rugby Union match, with about 110 000 spectators in 2000 for the Wallabies’ match against the All Blacks.

While considering traditional sports in Australia, Cricket is the most popular national sport, and Australians excel at it. Rugby League, which is primarily played in Queensland and New South Wales, and Aussie Rules, which is popular in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and Western Australia, are the two primary football codes.

Australia’s Traditional Sports

Australia’s traditional sports are somewhat unique in that they are non-competitive. They place a higher premium on collaboration and oneness, as a player who is “out” of the game can readily re-join. Games such as Goomboobooddoo, a wrestling game in which families compete against one another. Another is Buroinjin, which is played with a kangaroo-skin ball that is packed with grass and is quite similar to basketball. Below we have mentioned other traditional sports in Australia. Take a look!

Rugby Union

It is Australia’s third most popular sport, with an average of 18,818 spectators per game. It is one of the world rugby codes, which originated in England in the nineteenth century. Rugby Union was introduced to Australia in 1864, with the establishment of the first club by Sydney University. In 1874, Australia’s first rugby union organisation (the Southern Rugby Union) was created. The first rugby union games in Australia were played in Queensland in 1876.


Cricket is the country’s second most popular sport, having been played in the region for more than 210 years. It is a game played between two 11-player teams on a 22-yard pitch with wickets on all players. Each corner consists of two balls balanced on three stumps. The first recorded match took place in Sydney in 1803. Over 1.5 million Australians participate in cricket programmes, according to the National Cricket Census of 2017-18. Females made up 30% of the participants. During the summer of 2017-18, over 2.3 million people attended cricket matches.

Football in Australia

Australian football is one of the most traditional sports in Australia comprised of two 18-player teams. The ball is moved mostly by running with it, handballing, and kicking. The ball may not be thrown by players. Players use their bodies to hinder their opponents but only use their hands to tackle. The sport evolved from a series of football matches held in Melbourne in 1858. The Melbourne Football Club released the first Australian football rules in 1859. The AFL (Australian Football League) is the country’s wealthiest body.

Racing Horses

Australian legislation Horse racing is another variation on a sport that is quite popular with many Australians. It is comparable to polo in that it is a race through a course that includes obstacles. Horses can drop out of the race in a variety of circumstances, including exhaustion, crossing the finish line too quickly, or developing mechanical problems. Due to the fact that horses win and lose, the number of bets, whether winning or losing, will be significant in this type of athletic event.


Australian legislation Footy is another prominent Australian sport. While this form of footy is frequently referred to as footy, it is actually lacrosse. Lacrosse was introduced to Australia approximately forty years ago and has grown to become one of the country’s most popular and traditional sports in Australia. Numerous prominent Australian players, like Matthew McConnahea, Cameron Smith, Jamie White, Adam Goodes, and Matt Kangas, have been known to play lacrosse. This is a male and female-dominated sport that is gaining popularity in the United States and Canada.


Sport has played a significant role in Australia since the early colonial period. Among the first organised traditional sports in Australia include Australian rules football, rugby union, association football, and cricket. All these are put in the list of popular traditional sports in Australia.

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