August 17, 2022
Indoor Sports In Australia

Australia’s Most Popular Indoor Sports

Indoor sports provide numerous benefits, including physical fitness, creativity stimulation, and fostering positive relationships between friends and family.

If you work or study on a daily basis, you’ll crave excitement and something that will distract you from your work or study. Indoor sports are the greatest option in this case.

Here are some of the most popular indoor sports in Australia that you must try at least once.

Indoor Sports in Australia


A straightforward indoor game that is both tough and amusing to play. Table Tennis, colloquially referred to as ping pong, is one of the most appreciated indoor sports in Australia that requires both physical and cognitive use.

Maximum four players compete in this activity, which includes hitting a small, light ball back and forth across a hard table. A little tennis bat is used to strike the ball, and the table is divided by a net.

Similarly, players must allow for a single bounce of a ping pong ball on their side of the table. The ball must then jump at least once on the other side before being returned. When a player fails to return the ping pong ball, a point is scored.


Badminton is a simpler and less expensive version of indoor sport in Australia that you may enjoy at home with friends and family. And all you need are some badminton rackets, a net, and shuttlecocks.

To begin, the sport is a kind of racquet sport in which two individuals or two teams of two players compete on a rectangular court divided by a net.

However, keep in mind that each turn in the game allows you only one strike. Additionally, keep in mind that when a player’s foot crosses a line, it is considered to be off the court but still in play.

The sport’s origins may be traced all the way back to ancient Greece where it is related with the traditional children’s games battledore and shuttlecock. It is one of the most played indoor sports in Australia.

One of the primary benefits of badminton is that it strengthens the muscles, making you stronger and more fit.


Bowling is a well-known indoor sport in Australia that many people enjoy practising in their own time, typically with friends.

The objective is rather straightforward — roll the ball and knock down as many pins as possible. The game is especially enjoyable if there are enough players to divide into two teams and introduce some healthy competition into the mix.

Bowling is frequently chosen as an enjoyable after-work activity, making it ideal for having some fun, relaxing, and de-stressing from daily worries. Additionally, it is beneficial for people of all ages and is rather simple to learn.


Indoor sports are the finest method to relieve stress and strain, especially during this time of year. The primary benefit of indoor athletics is that it eliminates needless mental distractions. Enjoy playing these popular indoor sports in Australia and become a sportsperson.

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